Sunday, June 19, 2011

Repeat Nobodies...part 2

I blogged about RNB's a few months back...most notably mentioning Red Cooler Guy (who we just recently ran into at a local pub after not seeing him for a few years!). He walked past us, and I leaned over to my husband, excitedly whispering that I couldn't be sure (because he didn't have his cooler with him) but that I was fairly certain I had just experienced a Red Cooler Guy sighting. Of course, Aaron couldn't resist the temptation to confirm...and yes, indeed, it was Jeff...aka 'Red Cooler Guy'. We called him over, and he eventually recognized us after a few minutes of awkward reminders. Aaron fills him in on my blog....even saying, "People all over the world have read about your cooler!!" Red Cooler Guy couldn't help himself. He was impressed...until he realized I was referring to him as "a nobody". He stood by our table and read the blog I had written about him aloud on his I-Phone while I shredded my napkin in my lap. After he had finished, I smiled at him sheepishly, and offered him a chair at our table, but surprisingly, he declined.

Well, we have a new RNB in our life. His name is Skinny Old Man. He is down by the lake that is about a block from our house, fishing under the same tree, rain or shine...110 degrees or not...EVERYDAY. He is dedicated to suburban lake fishing. Lately, I have been thinking about taking up fishing...just so I can mess with skinny old man. I want to plant myself in his spot...and see what happens.

This is one of the ways I entertain myself...what do other people do when they're bored??